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National Suicide Prevention Lifeline


Mary Casanova, LCSW

  • Mary Casanova is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and a Licensed Chemical Dependency

    Counselor (LCDC).

    She graduated from Arizona State University with both a Bachelor’s in Social Work and a

    Master's Degree in Social Work.

    Mary believes in meeting the person where they are. Collaboratively, she is committed to helping

    individuals work through difficult issues to improve their quality of life.

    Mary specializes in a wide array of psychological and emotional issues including adult

    depression, stress, anxiety, mood disorders, major life changes,relationship issues, family issues

    and substance use disorders.

    Mary uses various therapy models including solution-focused therapy, reality therapy, CBT,

    REBT,family systems perspective, and 12-step Philosophy.

    "Through digging, learning new ways of thinking, and responding rather than reacting, you can

    learn, change, and grow."

Mary Casanova, LCSW

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